How to Loosen up a tight neck

How to loosen up a tight neck

Do you feel like you constantly have weight on your shoulder? Do you experience tightness in your neck, upper back, and arms? Do you also experience headaches developed due to all the aforementioned symptoms? If your answer to these questions is yes then you might be experiencing “Tight Neck”. It could develop due to a lot of reasons. It could be due to heavy workouts, excessive swimming or overhead activities, sitting in the same position for a long time, or even stress. While there is nothing about a tight neck that needs medical attention, it simply impairs the normal functioning of the body.

If you are suffering from some form of neck or shoulder pain, and normal treatment or exercise does not work for you, you can consider alternative therapy such as magnetic therapy. PIP Elekiban Singapore is the perfect solution you are looking for. They have the regular magnetic plasters aka PIP Elekiban, Magnetic Necklace Singapore PIP Magneloop and other support products aka PIP Support. Check their website out today.

Therefore, you must find out ways of loosening up the tight neck. Below are a few ways of loosening up a tight neck.

If you wish to know more about the stretches that you can try to get rid of the tight neck then this article at Self by Popsugar Fitness is a good read! Try these techniques and say goodbye to sore/tight neck.


Whether you slept in a funky position last night or you have been sitting and staring tensely at your computer for hours on end, neck pain happens. And a crick in the neck is not only annoying and painful, but it can also lead to headaches and upper back pain. Read More Here!

Neck pain is indeed daunting and it certainly takes a toll on you. Stretching is one of the best ways of loosening a tight neck. It is simple and effective and you do not have to see any specialists. You just have to know the right type of stretches that can relieve tightness in the trapezius muscles and you are good to go. You can try them at home and see the results for yourself.

If you wish to know how to give yourself a massage, then read this article by Stefanie Bengel at Active. Try out the technique and see it do wonders for you.

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If you feel the tightness on the back, more in your middle traps and between your shoulder blades, you won’t need to do yoga exercises to reach there with the tennis ball. Find a wall and lean against it with the tennis ball between and roll up and down. Read More Here!

If you have a hectic schedule, which most of us have, that does not allow you to exercise much then getting a massage can be a great way of getting rid of sore muscles. A good massage does wonders for your neck pain. By identifying the point where you most feel the pain and then focussing on that area, you can relieve the tension. Also, you need to seek a professional masseuse every single time and you can do it yourself. All you need is a tennis ball and a wall.

To know in depth about how magnesium can help with neck pain you can read this article by Stephanie Burke at Spine Health.

Check Magnesium Intake

Neck pain is most frequently the result of a muscle strain or sprain. Increasing your intake of magnesium, a mineral that aids in the contraction and relaxation of muscles, may help avoid these pain causing problems. Read More Here!

Increasing magnesium intake is the key to relieve neck pain and prevent it. You should make it a point to consume foods that are rich in magnesium, such as, fruits, beans, vegetables, soy products and whole grains. Reading the nutrition labels of the products before consumption will provide you with the necessary insight about the same. Magnesium helps in the contraction and relaxation of the muscles and is thus helpful with neck pain.

Thus, the above-mentioned tips would really help in relieving neck pain and soreness. Some other useful tips could be to use ice packs on the affected area, staying hydrated, and using good ergonomic chairs while working to avoid it in the first place. You must also maintain a good posture and take frequent breaks if you have been sitting in one place for a long period of time. However, if the pain is extreme and does not seem to recede then you might have to check with your physician to understand and treat it.

What is DNA Fingerprinting and How is it Used?

Basically, DNA fingerprinting is a systematic method that is used in identifying an individual from a DNA sample. Many refer to it as generic fingerprinting. Over the years it has been used for the sole purpose of identification through the use of biological samples like hair, semen, and blood through unique patterns in the DNA.

In the year 1984, a British scientist name Alec Jefferys elaborated on the DNA fingerprinting, back then he used a technique that was focused on the sequence in a DNA sample and he later referred to it as minisatellites, because they contain patterns that look very much alike. But he was not able to figure out the functions of these repeating patterns back then.

The sequence the DNA of every individual on the planet is unique, with the exception of twins that are identical. Today, there are several DNA methods that are available, which uses either (RFLP) or (PCR) that focus on the different sections of the DNA especially the repeating polymorphic region. You can learn more about how else it has been used in the medical field here.

The chances of identifying a person through the use of a DNA sample depends to a large extent on the repeating sequence that is tested as well as its size. Forensic scientists have used DNA fingerprinting in probing a particular part of the DNA that is common in all humans. This thus eliminates the possibility of a contamination by external sources from plants, insect, bacteria, fungus and other sources.


The use of DNA fingerprinting today

In recent years, the use of DNA sampling has become popular. Next, we are going to look at some area it is been used.


No doubt, you might have seen in various TV shows and movies, DNA fingerprinting can be used to identify a criminal through the use of a very little amount of the DNA that is probably found on a crime scene. DNA fingerprinting can also be used to exonerate people who have been jailed innocently for a crime that they did not commit. DNA fingerprinting can also be used in identifying a corpse that is decaying.


From time to time, cases pop up here and there, probably to determine if two people are related. DNA fingerprinting is the answer to this because it can provide very detailed and accurate data in no time. Even more, it can be used to establish the relationship between two people especially cases of inheritance.  DNA fingerprinting has also made it possible for family members who have been separated by war or natural disaster to locate their siblings as well as their parents.


DNA fingerprinting is also applicable in the medical field, especially in identifying genetic matches for marrow and organ donation. Recently doctors are now using DNA fingerprinting as a tool for crafting personalized treatment for patients suffering from cancer.  One time, DNA fingerprinting was used to determine if a sample has been labelled properly.


DNA fingerprinting has played a major part in the growth of the agricultural industry. It has basically been used in identifying and modifying heritage plant or plants that have very high therapeutic value. It has also been used to determine how valuable certain animals are. For example, it can be used to determine if racehorse is worth investing in.

In all, DNA testing has played a major role in making comparisons, development as well as treatment. A blood sample is preferred when it comes to DNA sampling and it is has been the best way to determine if two people are a good match genetically and also to establish the relationship between two people.

Benefits Of Choosing A Package Insurance Or Business Owners Insurance For Your Business

Corporate insurance is one of the most important aspects that any business owner will have to invest in when they are starting a business. However, there are many different parts of a business that need insurance and traditionally a business owner would have to buy separate insurance policies for each of the departments. In the beginning, when you start a business it is not always possible to buy an insurance policy for every part of the business as it is not economically and at the beginning, you will need the finances for other investments.

As a solution to this, a business owner can choose a package insurance or a business owners insurance which is more of a generalized insurance that covers most of the different aspects of the business and makes it easier for the business owner to focus on the parts of the business that needs more attention. A package insurance or a business owners insurance consists of most of the common and more important types of insurance that are critical for a business. This includes

Property insurance: this includes any property that the company owns

Business interruption insurance: any sort of interruption that could result in the loss of profit of the company is covered by this insurance, this is also known as contractors all risk insurance

Liability insurance: this insurance covers the liability of the employees or a third party.

Fire and allied risks: this covers the office building or any other property against fire hazards, earthquakes, storm, explosives, lightning, floods and other sorts of natural calamities.

Theft and housebreak: any type of burglary is covered in this insurance

Breakdown of machinery: mechanical breakdown or electrical malfunction of any of the machines that are used by the company

Electronicappliancesand equipment: this covers all of the equipment that the company uses against installation, data loss, or software.

Baggage: loss or damage of baggage while traveling

Sanitary and fixed plate insurance: damage or loss of sanitary fixtures or fixed plate

Personal injury: this covers any accident or injury that you suffer

Dishonesty or infidelity of the employees: This covers and loss or damage that the company may suffer due to dishonesty of an employee

Alternate accommodation or rent insurance: this pays for the expenses that will occur if you need to shift the office to a new location.

This takes away the stress of having to buy each of these insurances separately.

Benefits of choosing a package insurance

The most obvious advantage of choosing a package insurance for your business is the financial benefit as the premium that has to be paid will be relatively lower than if you had chosen to buy each of the individual policies separately.

The second advantage of a package is that it can be customized to meet the needs of your business. This helps the business owners design a package that is most suited to their needs and the needs of their company.

When you choose to get a business owners insurance then you get judicial management of any loss assessment that you need.

The funds that you invest in the insurance will be allocated based on indemnity guidelines that are clear.

Most insurance companies have a list of specific covers that the business owner can choose from when they choose to customise their insurance policy for the business. This is a great option as for a first-time business owner as they would have a guideline about the basic requirements that they can follow when choosing the insurance policies that they may need.

The company can also choose to add cover against terrorism at an additional premium if the owner feels that there can be a threat of a terrorist attack on the business.

Path Breaking Services in Genetic Testing

Dna profiling or the study of mapping of genomes has led to the evolution of many related services beneficial to mankind. Map my Gene, a revolutionary organization, incepted with the sole intention of providing sophisticated services related to genetic conditions of individuals and linking them to their health and other abilities , wherein with the help of DNA testing , individuals can find solutions for multitude problems. It is considered as a breakthrough in the field of science and medicine where the theory ofPrevention is better than cure can be put into perfect and practical use.

The major three areas where this path-breaking technology has been utilized are the identification of inborn talents in individuals, their disease susceptibility and their nutritional and psychological pre-dispositions and therefore corrections if required.

Every parent wishes to bring out the talent of their child in the best possible way and leaves no stone unturned to hone their skills or at least strive to achieve the same in the course of their educational years. Map my Gene comes here into the picture and offers the Inborn Talent Genetic Test though which now it is possible to unleash the hidden potentials of their children and work on enhancing the same for a better future. The study of the genetic make-up of a child will bring out the personality traits and talents which are otherwise not comprehendible. It will also benefit in cases where a negative impact of a certain trait can be recognized and stopped at an early stage. A detailed report based on the profiling of the genes can provide useful insight into the career options which can be made available for the child. This program helps the parents immensely as they can now put the time and required resources into right direction at a right age and thus probabilities for fruitful results can become certainties. It often happens that kids get interested in certain activities and parents unknowingly put their resources to train or indulge them only to find later on that they have lost their interest in the same! With the help of such tests, it is easier to ascertain the inclinations and work accordingly.

Hereditary diseases are conditions that are passed on from one generation to the other. With the advancements in the field of bio medical research, it is now possible to figure out which diseases who is more susceptible to and therefore what precautions one must take to nip it in the bud. Disease Susceptibility Gene Test is another breakthrough as far as Personalized Health Management is concerned. With the aid of such methods, healthcare professionals are able to design effective tailor made solutions for people who are prone to specific health conditions. This method actually opens up a lot of avenues and possibilities for an individual as he is now equipped in a better way to deal with his health problems which may arise in the future and thus safeguard himself as well as his family against it.

Diseases like cancer are usually detected in most cases, at stages when it is advanced and therefore the cure is mostly unlikely resulting in drainage of not only emotions but also resources. In such cases, it is imperative for one to go for such tests more so , if there is a family history.

As an extension of both the above methods put together, a comprehensive counseling program is scheduled specific to the requirements of the individual in question. A report on the talent test and the disease susceptibility has been prepared and on the basis of the same, a dietary plan, a suitable lifestyle approach and fitness regimes suitable for the same are suggested, giving realistic solutions for the overall personal development of an individual.

The role of technology in improving the penetration of health insurance

It is an undeniable fact that technology is playing an all-pervasive role in our lives. Even a desultory look into any field will reveal that with the help of technology, we are able to have better outputs and improved customer service. Not only that, companies that make proper use of appropriate technologies can certainly succeed in achieving the growth they expect to have. The health insurance industry is one among many industries that have started using technological innovations for their growth. Let us look at how technology helps health insurance companies in penetrating the market.

1. Thanks to various technological developments, health insurance companies are able to enhance the efficacy of their efforts to satisfy their clients. This means that customers are seeing an overall improvement in their experience. Nowadays, satisfied customers do not hesitate to share their experience online and so, health insurance companies find it easy to access more number of potential customers than ever. In other words, these companies are able to penetrate the market more easily.

2. Advanced technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics are helping health insurance companies in their efforts to engage with their customers in a better manner. Not only that, these companies are readily embracing digital platforms as well as the latest technologies pertaining to mobile phones for providing impeccable service to their customers. This helps them bring down the costs they incur for engaging with their customers. Since they are able to serve their customers more efficiently, they can succeed in their efforts to expand their customer base.

Why should health insurance companies use technology?

1. The rate at which computer literacy and use of technology have been increasing has been phenomenal in the recent years. More and more people are opting for technology-based solutions because of their exposure to various developments that have taken place in the field of digital technology. This population that is of a considerable size is influencing service providers including the health insurance companies in a big way.

2. Insurance companies have to cater to the high expectations of this growing population. They have to put in place systems that can facilitate fast, convenient and transparent services to these customers. Systems that facilitate regular engagement with customers should also be put in place. Health insurance companies seem to have realized that customers expect to have personalized services.

3. Even in the corporate sector, business entities are making increased use of technologies for making their decisions. Business owners and decision makers compare all the relevant aspects including the quality of service, costs, deliveries, and reputation of the insurance companies when they buy corporate insurance.

Therefore, unless health insurance companies maintain the standards expected of them, they cannot satisfy their customers including their corporate clients. In other words, using appropriate technologies has become a must for health insurance companies.

4. Apart from helping in customer engagement, technological innovations help the health insurance companies speed up their processes. Not only that, these companies are able to manage and maintain their data in a better manner as well. Thanks to better management of data, they are able to do their market analysis more scientifically. This means that their decision making process is more scientific and logical. So, the strategies they devise for adopting to the changing trends are more suitable. Health insurers are now able to cover risks that they were earlier not able to cover profitably.

5. Thanks to the developments that have taken place in the mobile technology, insurance companies are able to communicate better with their customers as well. This helps them immensely because satisfied customers do not hesitate to become their loyal customers.

To summarize, technological developments will certainly also enhance while buying product liability insurance in companies and their efforts to further penetrate the market.

What Will A Talent DNA Test Reveal About Your Child

Genetic testing is a new innovative way in which it has no become possible for you to learn about any talents that your child has. Your child may not be using these talents to the best of their ability or you may just have an inkling about them having it. A talent DNA test can help you learn the full extent of your childs mental, intellectual, and physical potential. When you are equipped with this information you will easily be able to make better decisions that can have a major impact on your childs future. You will be able to choose the right type of educational path that they should pursue. In addition, you will be able to give them the proper guidance and encouragement that will lead them to the career that they will excel at. Getting this test done at an early age for your child can help you to avoid pushing them to do things that they are not interested in or do not have the affinity for. Here is what the test will be able to reveal to you.


Sport is a field where you need control of your body, getting a talent DNA test done for your child can tell you whether the ACTN3 gene in your childs DNA is able to support the fast- or slow-twitch fibers of the muscles.

Getting this test done will help you choose the best training in terms of sports and other physical activities that can be personalized according to your childs DNA. Even the proper diet plan can be customized to suit the training that they are undergoing.

The PPARGC1A gene has a major impact on the metabolism of energy. It means that this gene will dictate how much energy is produced in your childs body which will have a major impact on the kind of sports that the child will be able to play. Having this knowledge beforehand can help you achieve the full measure of your childs sporting potential.


Oxytocin that is a neurotransmitter has a major role to play when it comes to your childs mood, personality, and his or her social skills. You can learn how the oxytocin receptor in your childs body is able to influence them as a person and also take the steps that are needed to support them.

Your childs DNA can also reveal a lot about how they will be able to cope with stress and stressful situations and whether he or she is a gifted child . The talent DNA test will check how the variant of COMT gene that is present in your child will influence their susceptibility to stress and also show how well they will be able to cope with such situations.

The stress-related characters and variants that are revealed through this test will help you determine the most appropriate career path that you should steer your child towards. This will help them live a happier life with the right amount of pressure that they can handle and not get over burdened.


DNA testing can also detect any language difficulties that your child may have or even if they are suffering from dyslexia.

You can also help to improve your childs episodic memory and communication skills by taking the right measures and giving them the right kind of food that can help this cause.

The brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF has a major impact on the different areas including special orientation and memory. Learning about this factor in your child can help you know whether or not they have the genetic disposition that supports greater motor talents.


Why public liability insurance is so important

Although public liability insurance is not a legal requirement for many businesses, your client may not start a venture with you unless you have a public liability insurance cover.  As a matter of fact, your client’s contract with you may specify that you need to have coverage for the possible damages to the client during the contract period.  Having the cover also establishes your credibility among your clients and they would carry out business with you without worrying about the damages and legal issues that they may need to initiate against you in such events.


Public liability insurance Singapore is something you should have if your business requires you to interact with members of the public, because if you accidentally damage someone’s property while carrying out your business or a visitor injures himself or herself within your office premise, you will have to pay a hefty fine, which may include legal costs as well.  These costs can run into thousands or more, and if you are running a small business then these additional financial liabilities can put an end to your business.  However, if you have the cover, all the expenses will be taken care of by your insurer.


Irrespective of the nature of injury or damage, someone can always file a compensation claim against you.  The accident could be very simple in nature, like you or one of your employees spilling coffee on your client’s system, or it could be a serious one that could severely hamper your business and reputation.  However, this can be avoided if the claims are settled in an amicable manner, and public liability insurance deals with all such claims, whether the incident is small or serious in nature.


The consequences of such incidents and the resulting financial costs can jeopardize your personal and financial growth if you try to defend the compensation claims without insurance.  Public liability insurance also protects your employees, for example an injury caused to a visitor or a client because of your employee would also be covered, and the negligence on the part of the employee will not hamper your business either.


Public liability insurance helps you grow your business, which can otherwise be hindered by these unnecessary financial burdens due to liability claims, especially if your business involves a lot of public interaction.  Hence, to avoid uncertain expenses and carry out your business without any hassle, it is advisable to buy public liability insurance and get yourself covered against public claims.

The 101 On Transit Insurance

Everyone needs to be insured for a life cover, health cover or an accident cover in case of an eventuality. The main breadwinner should make it a point to have life insurance coverage so that the family does not suffer when s/he dies. In the case of health or accident insurance, it is a case of being smart because without this basic insurance, one will have to pay large medical bills. Ditto with marine insurance; if you own a ship, the vessel needs insurance. A person using the services of a freight forwarder in transportation of goods also needs to make sure that the goods during the journey have adequate cover.

In the export-import trade, transporting shipments from one location to the next is a done deal. After declaring the contents of the cargo, the bill of lading is provided to the exporter/importer. This covers various aspects like the amount, the duration of the voyage, insurance, and the generalities. Nevertheless, it is wise to have an additional insurance coverage in the event of an accident, fire and flood, vandalism, natural disaster, or anything else that may occur. The coverage begins once the items are booked with the cargo carrier and it ends once the cargo reaches the destination as detailed in the bill of lading.

The website throws open plethora of information about the various insurance covers available. Marine insurance is also offered and if you are new to the concept, call in the professionals and get the 101 on the varieties available. A transit policy is defined as an annual cover in total, ideal for hull insurance as well as the exporter. Premium is calculated based on the value of the goods being shipped. The risk coverage is factored in, which is convenient to keep the cargo covered. 

When you opt for transit insurance, you can rest easy knowing that the goods exported are safe from damage or even loss. It is a stressful job trying to ship high value products from one location to the next. To find an insurance plan that suits you, a good service provider will offer you the best plan. Before going ahead, read the fine print carefully. Otherwise, your cargo may not have the adequate coverage that you expect. Conditions may apply, so get the policy right so that your most precious cargo is well taken care of during the journey.

Welcome to Silks Gallery

 Silks Gallery is an international art Gallery based in Limassol, Cyprus established in 2007. We are a fashionable boutique gallery situated in the new alley complex by the sea at the heart of the city’s tourist centre with good proximity to the trendy areas of Limassol. We are proud to be one of the most stylish galleries in town with the highest standard of art promotion in Cyprus. We specialize in showcasing works of most popular and renowned international artists as well as promoting up and coming talents from around the world.

The online version of the gallery is there to act as an online art platform where artists can launch their careers from or continue to build on their already established reputation. Artists are offered a great opportunity to showcase and sell their works to a worldwide audience, participate in various visual arts competitions and gain exposure with art collectors and art brokers.

For the list of exhibition go to ‘EXHIBITION & EVENTS’

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We can also do a full portfolio review to have your work considered for inclusion in an exhibition. For more information on how to get your portfolio reviewed and exhibit please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

For art collectors and connoisseurs we cater fully to their needs with our extensive artist portfolios to choose from. All our artists are professionals and can also be commissioned for a custom made art work to fit your interior or to give as a gift for that someone special.