Types of Personalised Lanyards 

customised lanyards in a glass
customised lanyards in a glass

Lanyards Are Great For Organisations

The lanyard may seem like a small item, but it is very important for organizations and event organizers. Many companies in Singapore go out of their way to get the best-customised lanyards for employee IDs and Visitors’ passes. 

One of the decisions corporations have to make when making customised lanyards is deciding the type of lanyard to use. At a glance, the fabric seems to be the only thing that differentiates one lanyard from another. However, there are different types of lanyards, each with advantages that will help companies make the right decision. 

High Visibility Customised Lanyards.

High visibility lanyards are great for large events and the outdoors. They have a reflective strip that is visible at a distance and in the dark. The reflective properties of these customised lanyards make them suitable for workers on roadside sites, mines, and construction sites. 

The brand name and logo on a customised high visibility lanyard can be seen from afar. If you are organizing an outdoor or evening event, high visibility lanyards are a great choice since it will be easier for anyone to spot accredited guests and employees. 

Breakaway Lanyards

These are the most common personalised lanyards in Singapore. They are often used in corporate offices and have employee IDs and visitor’s cards attached. Breakaway lanyards have a buckle that you can latch and unlatch when wearing it. It is an awesome choice for those who wish to have a lanyard that does not slide over the head. 

Double-Ended Lanyards

Double-ended customised lanyards have a hook on both ends. These lanyards are great for people who need to use both ends of the lanyards. For example, you can clip your ID on one end and a pen on the other end. The downside of this type of lanyard is it is not secure on the neck and can easily be misplaced. 

Pocket Lanyards

Customised pocket lanyards are smaller than the standard lanyard. These lanyards are less visible but are just as functional as those that are worn around the neck. As the name suggests, this lanyard can be used to secure your ID or keys and kept in the pocket.

Sublimated Custom Lanyards

Also known as full-colour lanyards, this type of personalised lanyard is available in a range of colours. The ink is transferred to this lanyard through heat transfer. This type of lanyard is great if you intend to use a range of colours for an eye-catching lanyard. 

The sublimated lanyard is often favoured because of the striking design effects and the possibility of using multiple colour combinations. Sublimated custom lanyards are also more comfortable to have on all day.  

Woven Lanyards

The branding on woven custom lanyards is usually embroidered instead of using ink. If you need a lanyard that is likely to last a long time, then the personalised woven lanyard is ideal.

Printed Customised Lanyard

This type of lanyard is personalised using the screen-printing process. When a one-colour logo is used, it is an economical option for bulk purchases. When the base colour contrasts with that of the logo, this lanyard can be quite attractive and easy to spot. 

Printed custom lanyards can also accommodate up to four colours, so if you wish to have logos and texts of multiple colours, this is a great choice. 

Final Notes

The types of custom lanyards in Singapore are classified according to their fabric, printing method, and latches. Most companies that make personalised lanyards offer different rates depending on the length. Each type of personalised lanyard has its advantages and disadvantage. It is best to choose one with more benefits.